Who am I?

I'm Niklas Reinhold and my hometown is Regensburg, Germany.
I love programming and entrepreneurship.
Check out my Big Five!

What am I doing?

Becoming more and more a digital nomad! 

After working remote for a year from france, I decided to enjoy my freedom more. 
Having a good job and my digital residency in Estonia I decided to try Panama!

Once a backpacker - always a backpacker! (2020)

I my 2½ month backpacking I have seen a lot. I’ve seen the big cities like Bangkok and Singapore, went around an active volcano, got a diving license, spent a ton of time on white beach islands and enjoyed the hot sun. I met many backpacker and made a few friends. Nature is beautiful!✈

What's next?

My next big dream is to do a Roadtrip.
Wake up with sunshine, blue sea and an open mind.