Zweck der Existenz: (ZDE)

I think, therefore I am – Cogito, ergo sum – René Descartes 
I have visions and I will build something from them.

It is important for me to pursue my goals independently and to appreciate my gained freedom.
I want to advance society. 

Big Five For Life:

Status analysis:

Teavelop GbR with Korbinian Fischer.

This is the first company.
This is how the whole journey started 2019. GmbH is the second company

The CEOs are Laurin Muth and Michael Fried, we are staying ground at Techbase during Covid 19.

NOVAT GmbH is the third company

Lukas Weber as CEO and I built the technical part from the ground up.
Together with Robert and Jeffrey we were the strong development team.

I already traveled   0   countries
Countries: Germany, Austria, Czech Republic, France, Vatican, Italy, Portugal, Slovakia, Romania, Slovenia, Spain, Switzerland, Thailand, Malaysia, Singapore, Indonesia, Poland, Monaco, Panama, Estonia, USA (New York), Colombia, Cuba