March 2020 - Present

I love every one of us: Laurin Muth and Michael Fried as CEO’s and Florian Fischer as project manager

We are an agile team of eight and we are going for the win!

November 2019 - January 2020

Southeast Asia Trip

Let’s do a 2½ month backpacking tour!
How about Thailand, Malaysia, Singapore and Indonesien

I’ve seen the big cities like Bangkok and Singapore, went around an active volcano, got a diving license, spent a ton of time on white beach islands and enjoyed the hot sun. I met many backpacker and made a few friends. Nature is beautiful!
10/10 I would do again.
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February 2019 - Present

After some obstacles me, Korbinian Fischer and Florian Fischer finally founded our own company! 
After a short time we got our first setback… but we decided to keep pushing and try out more things.

Soon we organized our own Game Jam –
 And hit 1.500 Views at TwitchSuccess?

2016 - July 2019


In September 2016 I startet as an Apprentice at Continental in Regensburg. In this time I trained my Soft Skills and even visited Romania (shoutout to Mihaela), Czech Republic and Slovakia.
I successfully graduated in January 2019 and worked there until July 2019. A great time in an international business!

2006 - 2016


This was the beginning of everything.
I had great teachers like: Mrs Sonner and Mr Lichtenwald  
I learned a lot and (mostly) keept the knowleadge until today. Thanks to all of them! 


April 2019 - Mai 2019

IHK Seminars

In the in total of ten IHK seminars I learned some new important things. All in all, I was able to build up a good level of general knowledge on how – in theory – to run a good business. 
– now I need street-smartness

Especially covered in depth:

Soft skills

Patience 74%
Motivated 88%
Hungry 100%
Mindful 69%
Listen 79%

Coding Skills

Software Architecture 94%
Visual Sudio, Unity - C# 89%
Oracle Database - Sql 85%
Html - JavaScript & TypeScript 83%
Eclipse - Java Fx 71%
Amazon Alexa & AWS 68%