March 2020 - March 2021

I love every one of us: Laurin Muth and Michael Fried as CEO’s, Florian Fischer as project manager, Doris Ebenschwanger as  designer and Florian Prechtl as programmer.
And that’s not even all of us!

We are an agile team of eight and we are going for the win!

November 2019 - January 2020

Southeast Asia Trip

Let’s do a 2½ month backpacking tour! How about Thailand, Malaysia, Singapore and Indonesien I’ve seen the big cities like Bangkok and Singapore, went around an active volcano, got a diving license, spent a ton of time on white beach islands and enjoyed the hot sun. I met many backpacker and made a few friends. Nature is beautiful! 10/10 I would do again. Check out my Instagram for Pictures
February 2019 - Present

After some obstacles me, Korbinian Fischer and Florian Fischer finally founded our own company!
After a short time we got our first setback… but we decided to keep pushing and try out more things.

Soon we organized our own Game Jam –
And hit 1.500 Views at Twitch Success?

2016 - July 2019


In September 2016 I startet as an Apprentice at Continental in Regensburg. In this time I trained my Soft Skills and even visited Romania (shoutout to Mihaela), Czech Republic and Slovakia.
I successfully graduated in January 2019 and worked there until July 2019. A great time in an international business!

bis 2016


This was the beginning of everything.
I had great teachers like: Mrs Sonner and Mr Lichtenwald  
I learned a lot and (mostly) keept the knowleadge until today. Thanks to all of them! 


April 2019 - Mai 2019

IHK Seminars

In the in total of ten IHK seminars I learned some new important things. All in all, I was able to build up a good level of general knowledge on how – in theory – to run a good business. 
– now I need street-smartness

Especially covered in depth:

Soft skills

Patience 74%
Motivated 88%
Hungry 100%
Mindful 69%
Listen 79%

Coding Skills

Software Architecture 94%
Visual Sudio, Unity - C# 89%
Oracle Database - Sql 85%
Html - JavaScript & TypeScript 83%
Eclipse - Java Fx 71%
Amazon Alexa & AWS 68%